Remodelling the Interior vs Adding an Extension - What’s Best For You?

Each family and home has different requirements and needs, so when deciding how to improve your home to maximise your living space, there are plenty of factors to consider. The two main options are remodelling the interior of your home to optimise the space you already have, or adding an extension to create additional space.

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of both options, so you can make the best decision for your family.

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Remodelling Your Home:

Remodelling your home can cover a very wide range of improvement projects, from a full restructuring of the layout of the building – e.g. to create an open plan living space out of individual rooms – to converting an underutilised space, such as your loft, into additional functional rooms.


  • Changes to the interior of your home do not usually require planning permission – unless you live in a listed or historical building. If you do, please check with an experienced architect or with your local authority planning office.

  • Remodelling can often make a home more liveable and spacious without physically extending its surface area, simply by consolidating and opening up little-used spaces, or subdividing large open areas into smaller units.

  • Remodelling is completely customisable to your needs. Depending on the size and layout of your home, you can add new bathrooms and bedrooms, create discrete living areas, or expand your kitchen – the choice is up to you and your family.

  • In most cases, remodelling your home is quicker and costs significantly less than a house extension.


  • During the remodelling, everyday life within your home may be disrupted, so you may have to seek alternative accommodation at some stages of the build.

  • A remodelling project can only work with the space you have. To create more space, you’ll need to combine your remodelling with an extension, conservatory, or conversion to your loft or basement (if you have one).


Extending Your Home

House extensions cover any change that adds a new structure to an existing property, and usually consist of a single or double-storey structure immediately adjoining the current property, and extending outwards to the back, sides, up or down (basements). House extensions can be constructed in a wide variety of styles and materials, depending on the needs and budget of your family, and the requirements of the local area.


  • House extensions give you access to more physical space and can inherently add value to your property, so are perfect for adding new bedrooms, additional bathrooms, or accommodating new open-plan living spaces or dining areas.
  • Unlike pure remodelling, a house extension will always increase the value of your home, often considerably.
  • Extending your home can make it more comfortable and enjoyable to live in by providing extra living areas to suit the needs of you and your family – often avoiding the need to move house and leave the area.


  • House extensions can be expensive, especially in the south-east of England, and at times when building contractors are in high demand.
  • House extensions can be noisy and disruptive during the structural elements of the project, and this can go on for several months. You may need to find alternative accommodation at times or seek alternative working arrangements if you work from home.
  • Almost all house extensions require planning permission, which can be a lengthy process. We strongly recommend working with an experienced architect who can help ease your application through with your local authority first time.
  • Many house extensions experience unexpected issues and project management requirements, which can eat up a lot of time if you are handling the extension directly.

Architectural and Interior Design Services From DS Squared Architects

Ultimately, whether you decide to remodel your home, invest in an extension, or embark on a combined home improvement project that include elements of both, depends on what you need from your living space and the budget you have available. At DS Squared Architects, we offer interior design, remodelling, and house extension architecture services, and can advise you on the best way to maximise value in your home and get the best results from your money.

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