DS Squared Architects are a Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Chartered Practice, delivering contemporary architectural designs, drawings, planning, and construction support for a wide range of residential, commercial and healthcare buildings.

Our business was founded in London in 2007 to serve the residential market and has since expanded to provide architectural services to property developers, homeowners and healthcare providers, as well as small- and large-scale commercial projects whilst always looking out for new opportunities and challenges. 


Our diverse team are passionate about architecture, sustainability and design excellence, combining functionality with elegance and beauty in all projects we undertake. We are friendly, approachable and accommodating in our relationships with clients, taking the time to understand the details of each project and the unique requirements each customer brings to the table.

Whether we are working on a suburban home, a hotel renovation, new build apartments, high street retail units or a GP surgery, we offer design-led solutions drawing from our years of experience, expertise, and dedication to architectural good practice.
We design workable, living spaces that are sympathetic to the history and style of their surroundings and enhance the lives of the people who live, work in, and use them.


We use our experience to listen and provide practical solutions for you to get the best value from your budget by offering support, guidance and a friendly ear throughout the entire design process, including initial feasibility studies and sketch schemes, management of the planning process, dialog with building control and the coordination of construction detail and site observations.



The Royal Institute of British Architects is the UK’s foremost professional association for qualified architects, establishing design standards and best practices that are followed by architects around the country. By working with a RIBA Chartered Practice, you have the assurance of the highest standards of education and professional quality.


Our architects are trained to apply creative and lateral thinking to all their projects by maximising the use of space and natural light, ensuring functionality and sustainability – and providing customers with the best return on investment for their budget. We understand the various challenges our clients face when delivering a project whether this is a domestic or commercial venture and aim to make the experience exciting and rewarding.


To find out more about our business and how we can help your project and vision become a reality, please call us today on 020 8732 5620 and speak with one of our experienced consultants.


Basement Extension

Basement Extension



The project involved a new basement that extended under the existing property and under the garden. The existing property was a substantial five bedroom residential property and the 130msqu new basement included a media room, en-suite, shower room with wc, utility, storage room.

Developer Project


Barnet, London


Clients approached DS Squared Architects with the initial intent to demolish these two large Victorian semi-detached homes and erect a mid-sized flatted development in its place. As the brief was developed, it became apparent that it would be more financially beneficial to the client to convert the existing property instead. 

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