Dipesh first fell into architecture by chance and has since had the conviction he had found his true calling. He started his professional career with a small practice moving on to larger firms. During this time, he collected a number of different project types under his belt from domestic to commercial, healthcare and higher education with contract values ranging from £10,000 to £360m.

After accumulating all these experiences, Dipesh launched his own practice in 2007, where he continues to champion a wide range of works. He is a firm believer that a successful project stems from efficient communication and clarity in the delivery of concepts. For Dipesh, there are no problems; there are only opportunities.




After graduating from the University of Westminster, Fatima started her professional experience in a practice specialising in the Infrastructure and Transport sector. During her time there, she worked on leading public projects and gained extensive knowledge of early concept design. She later joined DS Squared Architects in 2019 and has been involved in the design of various flat developments and bespoke residential projects, taking them from early concept design to construction stage. She is also particularly interested in the planning stages of projects and has gained an incredible amount of knowledge through her time here.

Fatima’s initial interest in architecture and design stemmed from being a talented young artist and her ambition to use her artistic skills and creativity in a field worthy of her talents. Fatima’s long-term aim is to continue her studies in Architecture and become a qualified architect.




Kate is a creative and thoughtful architect from Scotland. She Studied at Newcastle University but has practiced in both Scotland and Ireland before moving to London in 2012. She has over 12 years of experience, working across a range of projects from Private Housing, healthcare, the Arts and Conservation.

She began her careered designing bespoke treehouses in Scotland and was featured on STV s the hour however these days she keeps her feet slightly more on the ground.

Her passion is people and places. She is a great listener, drawing the client(s) into the design process. She thrives on the both the conceptual and detailed design demonstrating the potential of projects before bringing them to reality. 

She is a keen skier and runner, although she has been hampered by injuries recently, she intends to make a come back this year so watch this space!




Having qualified with a Masters, Pankaj joined DS Squared Architects in 2016. Since then, he has gained an incredible amount of knowledge, and has an extensive range of experience within the construction stage of projects. Pankaj resonates great energy and enthusiasm, in pursuit of detail design. His keen eye for design and detail has made him a great asset both for us at DS Squared Architects and our clients with a large portfolio of private homes under his belt.

Pankaj is a curious individual who is the practice CPD coordinator, and continually organises companies to give presentations on the latest construction products and sustainable technologies out there.

He’s particularly interested in craftsmanship and enjoys working with his local community centre to create intricate installations.




Izabela is a creative individual with a passion for all things art and design. She fell in love with Architecture from a very young age, being born and raised on a small Greek island, Rhodes where she learnt about the Greek and Italian-influenced architectural culture.

Izabela is a strong believer that as architects we have the responsibility to shape buildings that then end up shaping us as people and influencing our daily lives. 

She believes that concept is the key to opening design opportunities and tries to promote sustainability, human comfort, mental health and well-being in her design approaches.

Izabela secretly adores landscape architecture and has worked in design for a variety of small residential and commercial projects after the second year of her university studies. In her free time, she enjoys painting, visiting galleries, writing, practising traditional Greek dancing as well as capturing moments of her life in photographs.




With both architectural and engineering background, Pawel joined DS Squared Architects in 2016 as an architectural technologist with over a decade of experience.

He has worked as architectural designer on a wide scale of projects ranging from private residential extensions to large mixed-use developments. He specialises in residential building design and his main asset is a good understanding of construction and Building Regulation compliance. He particularly enjoys detailing complex junctions and seeing the proposals come to life on site.

Pawel has a MSc degree in civil engineering and postgraduate certificate in structural engineering from University of Surrey. Currently, Pawel is an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists, working towards Chartership




Joined in 2019, Neha is an Associate Interior Designer at DS Squared Architects.

She has over 10 years of experience in the subject and likes to create interiors that are brave and experimental while honouring classic design principles. Having graduated in Interior Architecture, she believes that; Bringing out the beauty and character of a space is important, but functionality must also lie at the heart of a well-conceived scheme’. In her past projects, she has worked on boutique hotels, luxury residences, restaurants and retail. Developing Mood boards and an expertise in creating Computer Generated Images (CGI), she can elaboratively show clients the vision in the virtual world.


To find out more about our business and how we can help your project and vision become a reality, please call us today on 020 8732 5620 and speak with one of our experienced consultants.

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