5 Questions You Should Ask An Architect When Planning A New Project

An Architect can be a great asset during the design and construction process of your new project - but only if you choose the right one. Here are five questions to ask an Architect before hiring them to help ensure a smooth process:

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1) Are You RIBA Accredited?

When choosing an Architect for your project, confirming their accreditation with a credible organisation like the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is essential. This signifies that they have met rigorous standards in education and experience and adhere to the RIBA Code of Practice for all their work.

It can also make future collaborators more confident in working with you. Having a RIBA-accredited Architect on board is a sign that you're serious about your project and committed to working with qualified professionals.

2) Do You Have A Particular Design Style?

When working with an Architect on a project, it's vital to understand their design style to ensure a cohesive final product. Some questions to ask your Architect about their style include:

  • What are some of your favourite past projects and why?
  • How do you approach designing for function vs form? How do you incorporate sustainability into your designs?
  • Do you have experience or interest in specific materials or building techniques?

Asking these questions can give insight into the Architect's design philosophy and process, helping to make decision-making smoother during the project. It can also lead to unique ideas that speak to the individual strengths and aesthetics of the Architect. Communication is key in any successful collaboration – by discussing design style, both parties can work together to create a visually appealing and functional result.

3) What Services Do You Provide?

As you negotiate with potential Architects for your project, it is important to inquire about the services they provide.

  • Do they only provide the initial design and layout plans, or do they also offer project management during construction?
  • Are they able to handle obtaining necessary permits and conducting facility assessments?
  • Will they be available for ongoing maintenance and project updates?

This way, you can ensure that your chosen Architect has the skills and resources necessary to meet your specific needs. Additionally, having a versatile range of services may make them a better fit for future projects. So, take the time to ask about their range of services before deciding.

4) What Is Your Success Rate?

Another of the questions to ask an Architect pertains to their success rate and track record. Find out what successful projects they've completed, and even ask about projects where they didn't achieve their desired outcome.

This shows that the Architect is open and honest about their experience and can establish trust between both parties. Of course, not every project will turn out exactly as planned, but a good Architect will have learned from past experiences and adapted their process accordingly. In addition, asking about unsuccessful projects may provide valuable insight for your project in terms of possible roadblocks or challenges to consider.

5) How Long Do You See This Taking?

Having realistic expectations and clear communication with your Architect regarding the timeline of a construction project is vital. Questions such as "What potential issues could affect the project timeline?" and "How have you factored in unexpected delays in your proposed schedule?" can give insight into their level of experience and ability to anticipate challenges.

It's also important to discuss specific deadlines, such as when architectural drawings need to be submitted for approvals and any milestone dates for completing certain phases of the project. By setting clear expectations and regularly communicating with your Architect, you can ensure that deadlines are met, and the project is completed on time.

Ready To Hire An Architect For Your Next Project?

Asking the right questions of an Architect is essential when looking for the right team for your next project. By inquiring about their design style, range of services, success rate and timeline expectations, you can get a better sense of whether they are the right fit for your needs

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