PFI Acute Hospital

About this project

Location: London, UK

Size: 300 sqm

Status: Complete

Involvement: Stages 0-7

Budget: £360m

Architect: Nightingales Associates

Main Contractor: Brookfields Construction

Client: Undisclosed

As a Consultant Design Manager at Peterborough Acute Hospital, Dipesh Shah was involved with the delivery of the cladding system for this building on behalf of Brookfield Construction. The initial design proved to be far more expensive than what had been anticipated, but after some heavy value-engineering, Dipesh was able to achieve a result that was not only more cost-effective, but that was also functional and aesthetically pleasing.  Further to redesigning the cladding system, Dipesh was also heavily involved with in the construction portion of the project, attending site an average of three times a week.

With a £360m budget, this PFI project was completed in 2011 and Peterborough Hospital remains one of the largest PFI funded hospitals in the UK.

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