New Build Development

About this project

Development: New Build – 6 flats, 3 houses

Location: London, UK

Size: 1,200 sqm

Status: Complete

Involvement: Stages 3 - 7

Budget: £1.8m

Main Contractor: Quintas Homes

Structural Engineer: Versi & Associates

M&E Consultant: Mendick Warring

Working closely with the developer, DS Squared Architects converted a vacant, 19th-century industrial building in Stoke Newington, creating a set of modern, bright, open-plan lofts for contemporary urban living.

The scheme comprises six split-level apartments located in the core of the old factory and three terraced houses overlooking the mews. Both parts of the complex have been designed to complement one another and marry the existing materials like brickwork and concrete with contemporary additions.

New slim-frame glazing added lightness to the external image of the building while retaining the industrial feel and paying tribute to the history of the site. Spacious interiors overlook the parkland and, thanks to generous fenestration, visually open up to the surroundings. The building has also been designed with a green roof and various energy-saving solutions in mind such as a number of photo-voltaic panels found in the roof. 

DS Squared Architects were brought along into this project after other consultants had been granted planning permission. We were commissioned to discharge any conditions in the original approval and deliver a full set of detailed design drawings and specifications for this project. As we dealt with a number of existing historical features that had to be protected as well as multiple sustainability requirements were keen to adhere to, we had to work very closely with a number of different consultants throughout the process. 

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